Run!Hero is a mash-up of runner & match-3 puzzle games. Our hero uses the combination of different magical stones to use abilities for demolishing the monsters and rampaging through the wrecked kingdom. It’s a new style for players who enjoy puzzle games

Picture by Rachel Compton

GamePlay Video:

Will You Like It?

For everyone who enjoys puzzle games and wants to join our heroes to defeat the demon and save the kingdom.

We are inspired by
We were inspired by typical puzzle games. Run!Hero brings a unique way to play match-3 games as it introduce a new dimension on the top of the screen for the player to interact with it

Platform: IOS and Android

Initial release :June 28
Version 1.01: July 18
Version 1.02: Aug 1
Version 1.021: Aug 4


  • Multiple awesome Heroes with different sets of skills for players who want to explore the kingdom.
  • Unique areas to explore with the monsters crawling in them.
  • Lots of special powers to choose from to help your hero save the day.
  • Unique original soundtrack from Dan Johnson